Dedicated industrial robot test facility with three glass viewing windows;

Indoor flight test facility with retractable safety netting, situated above a modular ground robot maze;

Dedicated electrical engineering workroom with power supply, oscilloscope and tooling;

Humanoid robots: 2 Baxter full-scale industrial robots;

Aircraft: 2 3D-Robotics hexacopters with 2 lb payloads, 5 modified AR.Drone quadrotors;

Ground robots: 6 Turtlebots with integrated Kinect sensors;

Sensors include: 2 Primesense 3D sensors, 2 Intel Senz3D cameras, 2 wireless micro cameras;

Workstations include: 2 iPower i7’s, 4 Dell i5’s;

Laptops include: 6 Lenovo x130e’s;

Other Equipment: 5 Nexus7 Android tablets, Cannon HD camcorder, 50” display;


A unique suite of software tools includes:

Mathworks Matlab & Simulink

Siemens TeamCenter

Intel Perceptual Computing SDK

OpenCV and Robot Operating System (ROS) with customized hardware driver nodes for robots and sensors

Access to Comsol 4.1 (linked to Matlab), Labview 2011, NeuralTools 6 and many other tools via the University’s Virtual Computer Lab